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About Dmytro Babych Studio

The Studio was founded in 2001. Until the end of 2006, there have been 2 persons in the team. Today, the Studio is dynamically growing. There are 22 employees in office and 4 remote.

The main idea of our work is the combination of design and functionality which would effectively solve the assigned task. We do not do design for the sake of design: the aim of our work is to provide the client with an effective tool to be used for the increase of his income.

We have our opinion on the things we do because we are used to thinking of and treating each order as the task which needs to be solved given the starting data. The basis of our work is the contents. We are not afraid of acting differently from the majority if this is required by the task. Therefore, in our portfolio, we do not have the lists of the works that are alike as there are in the portfolios of the majority of the Ukrainian studios, which are used to working by templates.

The main aim in our work is the quality. The main principle is the improvement of yourself and of the results of your work. Each employee of Babych Studio is each time trying to execute his work better than at the previous stage — this is the main principle as well as the main cause of the high quality of our works. In the Studio, there is a regular team of designers: we do not work with freelance designers, unlike the majority of the Ukrainian studios, in which the full-time staff includes director, manager and accountant. Therefore, applying to us you have the guarantee that you will receive the product made by those who have created other works in the portfolio, and thus, the quality of the corresponding level.

In graphic design, there are no tasks which could not be solved by us, even though we do not have the works of the corresponding direction in our portfolio. This has become possible due to the intelligent individual approach to each problem. We are constantly developing the range of the rendered services. This is the principle of our work — the basis of the complex services for our clients.

While other representatives of the Ukrainian design roll their eyes up and spread their fingers we are mastering our skills and moving ahead, step by step.

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