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The work of the Studio is aimed at the provision of the full range of the services necesary for the promotion of any company at the marker. Having got caught in our «toils» the client would scarcely want to get out.

We start our work from a logo and end up with warm partnership relations on a going basis. Each client who comes to us becomes long-term customer.


Services provided by Dmytro Babych Studio


— Corporate
— Promosites
— Portals
— Sales promotion / special offer sites
— Intranets

Sites is our pet subject. Apart from the fact that we don't offer our clients something they do not need, we do always try to create the product that would «stand up for itself». Some zest and a convenient interface – this is what we add up to each site which is created in our Studio.

Projecting interfaces (in particular, interfaces for mobile devices)

— Web-applications
— Applications for iPhone
— Sites adaptation for iPhone
— Applications for iPad
— Sites adaptation for iPad

Future belongs to mobile devices. This may be not evident for our competitors, but this is obvious for us, as well as for hundreds of millions of Internet-users. Today, in order to keep up with the times, one has to be concerned about the way his site will appear at the screen of a smartphone or a planchet computer. And our Studio has he experience of such developments.

Internet support for BTL projects

— Sales promotion / special offer sites with sufficient loads on the server
— Program support for SMS-promotions
— Reports preparation
— Technical support and consultations

If you took part in a SMS-promotion held in Ukraine within the last few years, most probably program support for this promotion was done by our Studio. We have amassed a wealth of experience of supporting such promotions and know key issues accompanying any promotion of the kind. We know how to deal with sufficient loads on the server, how to work through the logic of the promotion. We take it for granted that the rights of the consumers have the first priority. We know how to deal with critical situation. And we understand what information is important for reporting on the results of the promotion. Our Studio will be a reliable partner in the execution of any BTL-promotion.

Logos and corporate style

— Development of the logos
— Corporate styles development
— Brand book development

Logo is not simply a picture. If you sell food for dogs it is not obligatory to put a dog onto the logo. Logo is a complex of sold tasks among which there are the following: usage convenience, recognizability, idea, style, adaptability to manufacture and a plenty of other parameters. We do not draw funny pictures. Logo is a sign, illustration is an illustration. There is a difference and we understand that.


— Illustrations for magazines
— Greeting cards
— Illustrations for books

The quality and the quantity of the illustrations in our portfolio, the variety of the styles we work in – they are self-explanatory. One would scarcely find another studio in Ukraine, which offers the services of the creation of illustrations of such quality and in such amount.

Graphic design

— Booklets and brochures
— Print advertisement
— CDs
— Periodicals


— Visiting photo shoot with studio lighting
— In Studio
— Reporting
— Still-life

Promotion in the Internet

— Online activations for the promotion of the brand
— Viral projects (videos, games, etc)
— Social netwroks integration

National promo campaigns (using unique codes)

— Development of the key message and design concept for the campaign
— Announcement of the promotion
— Production of the necessary printed and other materials
— Organization of the campaign execution
— Technical support for the promotion

Loyalty programs

— Strategy and tactics of the customer loyalty programs implementation
— Key message and design concept for the program
— Synchromization with the CRM system of the client
— Realization of the projects within loyalty program (formation of the DataBase of the loyal customers, work with the categories within the formated DB)


— Campaign planning (logic of the campaign, marketing tools selection, budgeting)
— Development of key message and design concept for the campaign
— Campaign execution management

Presentations and flash-animation

— Interactive flash-presentation
— Animated bumper
— Advertising banners

Web-sites support

— Domain names registration assistance
— Hosting provision
— Technical and designer's support
— Websites moderating

Web-sites promotion

— Websites promotions within search engines (SEO-optimization)
— Context advertisement

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