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Interface of GDIPhone application


GDIPhone is an application helping to more effectively manage working time. The software allows to schedule the tasks for a day and to monitor the observance of the timeframe for performance of each of them. To make it more convenient and pleasant occupation the Studio has created a logotype, an icon and designed the interface.

The icon of the application GDIPhone
The icon of the application shows a direct relation of the task performance (clock hands in form of a “check”) to the time (clock face).

The user sees all the actual tasks on the main screen. The percentage of performance of each task is visually displayed as a progress bar and it is difficult not to see the current task as it is highlighted.

Interface of GDIPhone application

The application provides for working with the archive of tasks, indication of the time remaining, possibility to prolong the time at a critical moment, a short tutorial at the start and other details which have been reflected on the screens of the software.

Interface of GDIPhone application

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