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Wellness company logo


Wellness operates in the sphere of products and services for the health of the people all over the world. The company comprises a variety of the trademarks from different fields.

In the Studio, we have developed the logo, which rushes up and ahead, to the new achievements, with all its lines.

Wellness logo
A bright and rushing enough logo is nevertheless quite chaste correspond to the image of a large company.

The logo comprises 2 elements which determine upon the development of the corporate style: an original «cut» of the letter tops and original slanting stripes of orange and black colour. Using these elements it is possible to develop recognizable advertising materials and business documentation items:

Wellness badge
e.g. a badge for an employee or a guest of the company

Wellness envelope
or corporate envelope.

There is one more important task that has been solved within development process: the logo compatibility with other main trademarks of the company.

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