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The sketch of the site of "Soft Zone" company



«Soft Zone» is a software company specializing in the development of high quality server software and information systems for business, and also renders various services on integration, consulting and solution of different technological tasks.

The draft site is done in classic style. The site is heavily using the corporate colours: #FF9C08 and #9C0808. The design is light and crystal clear.

The sketch of the site of «Soft Zone» company

Especially for the site we have developed a technique of encoding the menu points with colours which makes it easier to perceive the hierarchy of the links and current section.

The sketch of the site of «Soft Zone» company

The menu is composed of the blocks of the links of the similar form. The selected point of the menu of any level is marked by a colour. The current point is marked by an arrow.

Such an organization makes the menu user-friendly and intuitive and helps save place on the pages of the site.

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