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  • Special thanks to the team NOVA
    for the space for creativity and inspiration

Logo for an ultimate frisbee team NOVA


Nova (Latin) — is a new star the luminosity of which suddenly increases in ~103—106 times.

The same name has been chosen for a men’s team on ultimate frisbee which has been created in 2010 in Kyiv.

The Studio has developed the logo which has successfully combined the images of frisbee, sport and star. We have made a dynamic symbol which has embellished all the attributes of the team.

Logo for an ultimate frisbee team NOVA (blue)

The logo has been designed in 2 colour versions: blue sky and yellow lemon. Both versions are equivalent and used depending on the context.


NOVA team trains itself for games on the grass plot, this is the main version of ultimate tournament holding in the world. The new uniform designed in exclusive colours of the logo well stands out the players on the grass of the sport field.

Happy players of NOVA team in new uniform

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