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Logo and style of «Idea? Super!» projects support program


Idea? Super! is the program that helps realize useful ideas.

In the Studio, we have developed the name, the style and the logo, which reveal the idea of the program.

Each person could hide a superhero inside of him/her. Each of us could have an idea that would help millions of people. The aim of the program is to reveal the inner potential of the worthy people.

«Idea? Super!» logo

In one sign of the logo, there is everything united: love, technology and exclusiveness.

«Idea? Super!»  business card

Business cards — super!

The advertisement of the program is very simple in its development: it is enough to take a picture with people and place the logo with a text line on it. That is to say, it is possible to make any picture branded.

«Idea? Super!» advertising concept
«Idea? Super!» banner

Advertising banner visualizes the main question: «Who of you is a superhero?»

Besides the style of the contest, we have developed smart illustrations showing the process of the ideas conception and selection.

«Idea? Super!»  illustration

«Idea? Super!»  illustration

«Idea? Super!»  illustration

«Idea? Super!»  illustration

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