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The site of the V.I.P. hall of "Dykan'ka" restaurant



V.I.P.-hall of "Dikan'ka" restaurant is the result of the compination of mistique, hoary antiquity of the epoch of Ekaterina II the Great and Art Nouveau. The interior of the hall is unique: white molding, black and purple marble, white curtains and fantastic illumination. Mistique, and comfort - these are the characteristics to give the best description to the V.I.P. hall.

The same is for the site. marble background with white molding is lighted both from above and from below. The whole page is composed from the fragments of the hall interior. All these elements produce the impression of presence there, in the restaurant, in the starlight night, in wormth and comfort.

The site of the V.I.P. hall is somewhat contrasting the site of Ekaterinian hall. They two are the white day and the dark night. By the way, on each of these sites there is a possibility to move to the page of another hall of the restaurant. If you have not visited "Dykan'ka" restaurant it is this site where you can look though the information about the restaurant, its menu and interior of the halls.

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